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Whether you are expecting a baby, on maternity leave, getting ready to go back to work or much further down the line in your parenting journey, How2Montessori is here with ideas and tips for your home set-up, materials, activities, simple teaching techniques, and much more.

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It works with any kind of environment you may have at home, whether it’s a small cosy bedroom or a large separate playroom. How2Montessori can guide you in setting it all up, in order to best follow your child’s developmental needs, All this will help you undertsand how to nurture their love of learning, in turn helping to facilitate their creativity, aid concentration and ultimately lead to early independence.There is no perfect solution, but you should definitely notice a difference at home!

Have a look at What We Offer below and you’ll find I can provide private consultations and workshops. I am also developing online courses, which will hopefully be coming soon. All designed to help improve your understanding of early years development, in the most approachable, user-friendly way possible.


“I have not invented what is called the Montessori Method. I have simply observed the child, taken what the child has given me and expressed it. That is what is called the Montessori Method”

– Dr Maria Montessori

What's on Offer

Private Consulting

I can offer different bespoke consulting services, depending on your personal needs, both in person (if local to West London) or remotely.


Workshops are done in person (West London area) and are for those who want to organise a group session. These are fun, hands-on and  interactive, while covering all the important areas. 


Online Courses

These are in development, but will hopefully be coming soon. Essentially these will be a series of videos outlining all aspects of Montessori and child development.

Who am I?

My name is Valentine. I am a Montessori qualified educator and consultant, with over 15 years experience working with early years and parents. I am also a mum. 

Let’s be honest, being a parent is not always easy. We all have the good days, bad days and the ‘what on earth do I do with them’ days! Things don’t work out every day! The idea here is to show you that having a little bit more understanding about your child’s development, will make a vast difference in your home life and your overall joy of parenting. You will find playing with your child less tiring, more fun and as you become more engaged as a parent, it should only lead to life at home becoming a little easier.

I just want to offer some basic tips and advice, using Montessori ideas. The reality however is that most of Montessori is really just common sense! Something that you will discover here…

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Adding a little

Montessori into your home

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